The NGO "Defender of Right Union" was established on 24.01.2003. It has created " Court of Arbitration " and "High School of Arbitrators" to fulfill its goals. The objectives and goals of the NGO "Rights Defenders Association" are:

  • To support the development and strengthening of civil society and the rule of law in Armenia.
  • To promote the protection of human rights and democracy in the Republic of Armenia.
  • To support the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of RA citizens.
  • To promote the development of small and medium-sized businesses in Armenia.
  • To contribute to the reduction of poverty and solving social problems in Armenia.
  • To promote human rights and freedom in line with international law and principles.
  • To implement professional training and retraining programs for lawyers and arbitrators.
  • To promote the rule of law in Armenia.
  • To contribute to the legal, socio-economic development in the Republic of Armenia.
  • To provide legal assistance to socially vulnerable groups.
  • To promote regional economic cooperation, to join different international public associations and to cooperate with various international organizations that will contribute to the socio-economic development of Armenia, the formation of civil society.
  • To promote the role and significance of the arbitrators' reputation in the Law Faculties of Higher Education Institutions.
  • To contribute to the formation of the Armenian legal school.
  • Free tuition of "Commercial Arbitrage" in law faculties of higher education institutions.
  • Active participation in the social life of the Republic of Armenia.

In order to accomplish its goals, the Permanent Arbitration and the Court of Arbitration were established at the same time with the NGO " Defender of Rights Union". From the first day of its operation on,

  • it has been enabling an impartial arbitral trial to seek a fair settlement of disputes without undue delay or expense.
  • it has been enabling parties the freedom to agree on a dispute settlement procedure that is subject to restrictions only prescribed by law.
  • it has been resolving a part of the disputes under the First Instance Court, thus considerably easening the burden of the courts of general jurisdiction.
  • it has been providing applicants to an arbitral tribunal to resolve the existing dispute as soon as possible, thereby facilitating the recovery of infringed rights within reasonable timeframe.

The NGO "Defender of Right Union" has also created the "High School of Arbitration". The creation of the school is conditioned by the need to have qualified professionals for a professional and prompt solution.

The NGO "Defender of Right Union" and the Permanent Court of Arbitration adjunct to it welcome you to its official website. We hope that as a result of our activities, we will maximize the protection of your infringed rights and fair dispute resolution.